Equestrian Culture

 If God had wanted carbon trees,
he would create carbon trees 


The soul of the saddle: the tree 

Lightweight and flexible, the wooden bow
safeguards the horse’s back and supports its movement 


Pariani has been the first Saddlery in the world to invent and produce a wooden spring tree.

Since 1903 every Pariani saddle is built up on a fully hand-made spring tree produced by our specialized carpenter. Depending on mechanical characteristic requested by the use of the saddle, every single part is made with a different wood.

The gullet plate, reinforced in stainless steel, has been fully re-designed in order to guarantee an excellent fitting on the horses’ withers.

The side waist, which  are designed in order to allow a very narrow twist and an optimal positon to the rider, are made with 2 different layer of wood glued crossing their grain while the steel strips, which connect the gullet plate to the cantle, are made with a special alloy of aluminum.

The combine of use of 2 different wood with crossing grain with the aluminum alloy steel strips allow the tree to flex correctly, as on longitudinal as on latitudinal direction, in order to follow perfectly each single movement of the horses’ back.

Moreover, every pressure made on the seat is fully absorbed and spread on all trees’ surface, in order to preserve the horses’ back muscles from any pain or pressures on single points.

Safety stirrup bars in stainless steel are the perfect finishing touch of this product, made with the highest quality.