Play twice the anthem of Mameli in this week of competitions for the riders Milano Tailor Made.

Emilio Bicocchi on Flinton wins the first step of the podium of the Caixabank Trophy (145 a tempo) of CSIO5* Barcellona.

Matias Alvaro e Tempo des Brieres

Matias Alvaro wins the small GP 150 of CSI3* EquiEffe on Tempo des Brieres. In the top ten also Michol Del Signore on Enanda, fourth.

Emanuele Bianchi, on Vadetta vh Mettenhof, ninth in the 150 class of friday.

Clementina Grossi with Zeta Quasimodo twelfth on 59 riders in the Gran Prix of Sunday.

Filippo Bologni terzo nella 130 del CSI1* di EquiEffe in sella a Bobby Boy.

Second step of the podium for Francesco Turturiello in the 140 on Quite Balou at CSI2* Oliva (Spagna).